Thursday 17 March - Posterwalk 1 (P 1 - P 18)
10:30 - 11:00 
P 1

Self Limiting Sternal Tumors of Childhood: about a case

J.Verbeke, B. Florkin, J. Frère, MF. Dresse

Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Liège

P 2

Torticollis : not always a trivial symptom

Z. Lamtiri, C. Vandendaele, V. Kaisin, A. Taxhet, MF. Dresse, MC. Seghaye

U Liège

P 3

Case report : Juvenile trabecular ossifying fibroma in an 12 year old patient

M. Lahr, M. Servais, J.E. Cabay, E. Mutijima Nzaramba, C. Geurten, M-F. Dresse

Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Liège

P 4

Case report: Thrombocytopaenia and Down Syndrome – what about the usual suspects?

C. Schmit, C. Geurten


P 5

Factor IX and XII combined deficiency: a rarely seen coagulation disease.

A. Iannello, C. Quintart, D. Michez

Centre Hospitalier EpiCura Hornu

P 6

Pediatric Refractory Acute Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura Secondary to Asymptomatic SARS-COV2.


CHU Liège, Belgium
P 7

Neonatal cholestasis as initial manifestation of primary hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis

D.J. Bogaert, R. De Bruyne, V. Bordon, A.V. Vanlander, L. Garabedian, Y. Louis, F. Haerynck, B. De Moerloose

UZ Gent, AZ Glorieux Ronse

P 8 

Myeloid Lineage Switching as escape Mechanism to Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell Therapy in Precursor B-ALL with ZNF384-TCF3 fusion: a Case Report

C. De Crem, B. De Moerloose, M. Hofmans, V. Mondelaers, M. de Ville de Goyet, B. Brichard

UZ Gent, Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc

P 9 

Clinical case: Discovery of Shaken Baby Syndrome in the course of Streptococcus Agalactiae Septicemia

S. Pannizzotto

CHU Liège, CHR Liège
P 10 

Acute motor axonal neuropathy with bulbar symptoms- Case report

E. Daeninck, P. Aerssens

Jessa Ziekenhuis Hasselt

P 11 

A peculiar gait for a 5-year-old child

V. Nguyen, M. Delbos

U Liège, CHU Liège

P 12 

Febrile focal status epilepticus as a presentation of Sturge-Weber syndrome type 3.

L. Vanbuggenhout, N. Willemyns, L. De Waele, L. Lagae
UZ Leuven

P 13 

Unusual presentation of idiopathic intracranial hypertension in an 11 year-old girl.

L. Verbrugghe, M. Potoms

Jessa ziekenhuis Hasselt
P 14 

Malignant hyperthermia in child with Williams Beuren syndrome

M. Mathieu, C. Materne, S. Alkan, A. Anthopoulou, M.C. Seghaye

U Liège 

P 15 

Central Apneas in Rett Syndrome

C.Gautier, N. Seret, N. Demonceau, P. Philippet, M. Thimmesch

CHC Liège 

P 16

Severe hypotonia and developmental delay due to an EBF3 pathogenic variant : clinical implications of a molecular defect.

C. Van Kerkhoven, L. Mumba, G. Dauphin, J. Harvengt, J.P. Misson


P 17

CD59 deficiency: a very rare, potentially curable form of infection induced neuromotor regression

P. Verloo, E. Snauwaert, N. Schuermans, S. Lambrecht, R. Van Der Looven, A. Vanlander, H. Verhelst

UZ Gent

P 18 

Juvenile ALS with crystalline retinopathy caused by a de novo mutation in SPTLC2 causing a shift in substrate specificity of Serine Palmitoyl Transfer

P. Verloo, S. Goorden, A. Vanlander, H. Verhelst, E. D’haenens, P. Delbeke

UZ Gent, UMC Amsterdam, AZ Sint Jan Brugge

Thursday 17 March - Posterwalk 2 (P 19 - P 36)
13:30 - 14:00

P 19

When encephalitis complicates a winter viral condition

A. Marcuzzi, M. Jankowski, A. Anthopoulou, M-C. Seghaye

CHU Liège

P 20

A clinical case of Chlamydia Pneumoniae epiglottitis

E. Clotuche, M. Creuven, L.K. Mumba, P. Philippet

ULiege, CHC Liege
P 21

A case of Pediatric Headscarf Pin Aspiration

L. Depoorter, S. Daelemans, L. Peeters, I. Gies, E. De Wachter

UZ Brussel

P 22

An unusual form of tuberculosis: a case of phalangial osteomyelitis in a 12-year-old child

R. De Carli, C. Adler

Center Hospitalier Universitaire

P 23

An unusual cause of pneumomediastinum

A. Oomar, F. Pierart, P. Philippet, A. Gilbert

U Liège, CHC Montlegia

P 24

Primary ciliary dyskinesia: importance of deep phenotyping and genotype/phenotype correlation to confirm the diagnosis

C. Kempeneers, N. Bricmont, R. Bonhiver, F. Guissard, O. Hougrand, P. Delvenne, A. Jacquinet, J. Harvengt, E. Docampo Martinez, V. Bours, L. Benchimol, A.L. Poirrier, P. Lefevre, D. Calmes, R. Louis, M.C. Seghaye

University Hospital of Liège, University of Liège
P 25

Covid-19 associated thromboembolic events in the pediatric population

A. Guardavascio, J. Frere, S. Pannizzotto, M.F. Dresse, M.C. Seghaye

Uliege, CHU Liege

P 26

When the thymus mimics pneumonia

J. Kersten, M. Iordachescu, F. Lebrun, J. Khamis, P. Philippet, M. Thimmesch

CHC Liège, CHR Huy

P 27

Biphasic stridor and subglottic hemangioma.

I. Giménez Laso, A. Mulder, J. Khamis, P. Philippet, M. Thimmesch

CHC Liège

P 28

Aseptic peritonitis associated with multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C)

C. Ooms, I. De La Fuente Garcia, V. Flaum, A. Biver

Centre Hospitalier Luxembourg, UCL

P 29

Don’t forget the forgotten disease: Lemierre syndrome, a case report

E. Nauwynck, H. Baelen, K. Verbruggen, A. Casteels, A. Martens, S. Daelemans

UZ Brussel
P 30

Takayasu arteritis in a 13-year old girl: a case report

J. Vandekerckhove, E. Nauwynck, A. Casteels, R. De Wolf, B. Ogunjimi, J. van der Werff ten Bosch

Kidz Health Castle UZ Brussel

P 31

Impact of refining the U Na/Creat cut-off according to age on the diagnosis of salt depletion in patients with cystic fibrosis.

M. Thimmesch, M.Boulay, F.Pierart, P.Philippet, P.Lebecque

CHC Mont Legia Liège

P 32

Juvenile dermatomyositis without elevated muscle enzymes

L. Peremans, R. Van Coster, T. Renson, K. Claes, J. Dehoorne

UZ Gent, AZ Maria Middelares

P 33

Pediatric mistreated child care paths: criteria for hospital care

S. Pannizzotto

CHU Liège

P 34

Transition process from pediatrics to adult medicine services:  support systems in pediatric surgery

M. Deriez, M. Dassonville, H. Steyaert, I. Lambotte


P 35

From conception to birth of a paediatric research community

E. Degraeuwe, L. Van Camp, E. Hermans, R. Van Paemel, T. Vanhaverbeke, N. De Langhe, A. Raes, J. Vande Walle, M. Petrovic

UZ Gent, AZ Sint-Lucas Hospital

P 36

Challenges of creating a patient engagement group in a paediatric setting

E. Degraeuwe, M. Cavaller, L. Persijn, E. Gasthuys, E. Snauwaert, L. Nuytinck, A. Raes, J. Vande Walle

UZ Gent

Friday 18 March - Posterwalk 3 (P 37 - P 54)
10:30 - 11:00

P 37

Atypical presentation of nephrotic syndrome in a young boy

L. Peremans, G. Philippe, L. Dossche, E. Snauwaert, A. Prytula, J. Vande Walle, A. Raes

UZ Gent, AZ West

P 38

Case Report Juvenile Nephronophtisis

L. Waeterschoot

ZNA Koningin Paola kinderziekenhuis, UZA

P 39

From a harmless IV catheter to limb necrosis: a thromboembolic complication in an infant with nephrotic syndrome

E. Hermans, J. Vande Walle, A. Prytuła, J. Dehoorne, E. Dhont, E. Snauwaert, L. Dossche, A. Raes

UZ Gent

P 40

A complication of nephrotic syndrome that should not be missed.

M. De Moor, E. Snauwaert, L. Dossche, J. Vande Walle, A. Raes, A. Prytula, J. Dehoorne

U Gent, UZ Gent

P 41

Luminous Fecalomas in an Adolescent Girl with Peritoneal Dialysis.

M.K.F. Docx, H. Hoeben, J. Maus

Koningin Paola Kinderziekenhuis, AZ Middelheim, ZNA

P 42

Harmful or not?  Proteinuria in a child with Familial Mediterranean Fever

N. Vanden Eynde, N. Knops, L. De Somer, P. Koshy


P 43

Nocturia: the link with enuresis during childhood and beyond

B. Borgonjon, J. Vande Walle, L. Dossche
U Gent, UZ Gent


P 44

Congenital nephrotic syndrome: a case of an unusual favorable disease course.

E. Hermans, J. Vande Walle, A. Prytuła, J. Dehoorne, E. Snauwaert, L. Dossche, A. Raes
UZ Gent


P 45

Case presentation of an anti-factor H antibodies induced thrombotic microangiopathy

A. Vanacker, N. Segers, A. Bael, M. Koninckx, A. Raes, J. Vande Walle, J. Dehoorne, A. Prytula, L. Dossche, E. Snauwaert

UZ Gent, Koningin Paola Kinderziekenhuis Antwerpen

P 46

Extensive review of pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of ACE-inhibitors and angiotensin receptor blockers in hypertensive paediatric patients

E. Degraeuwe, L. Sandra, P. Devos, E. Gasthuys, A. Raes, J. Vande Walle, A.Vermeulen

U Gent, UZ Gent

P 47

Invasive candidiasis and candidemia in neonates: about a case.

Y. Lounis, J. Frère, N. Hennuy, V. Rigo

U Liège

P 48

Non-concordant congenital Cytomegalovirus infection in diamniotic dichorionic extremely premature twins: a case report.

V.S. Félix Carvalho, V. Vlieghe

P 49

Perinatal hydrometrocolpos, unique diagnosis but different antenatal and postnatal clinical pictures

O. Leclercq, G. Senterre, R. Louis, J. Khamis, M. Dirix, P. Maton

CHC Montlégia, UCL

P 50

A Neonatal Case with a Prenatal Diagnosis of Capillary Malformation-arteriovenous Malformation Syndrome (CM-AVM)

S. Errazaki, M. Marangoni, G. Smits, B. Lubicz, D. Kelen


P 51

Bilateral congenital chylothorax with generalized lymphoedema in a newborn with a PIEZO 1 mutation: a case report

S. Denes, D. Snyers, N. Cajgfinger, S. Bulk, A. Lumaka Zola, V. Rigo, S. Tribolet

U Liège, CHU

P 52

Haematological Alterations in an Adolescent Female Population Cohort with Anorexia Nervosa of the Restrictive Type

M. Docx, M. van den Akker

ZNA Konining Paola Kinderziekenhuis, UZA, ZNA AZ Middelheim

P 53

Scrotal Borrelial lymphocytomaScrotal Borrelial lymphocytoma

S. Verbeeck, K. Casteels, L. Sevenants, M. Depypere

UZ Leuven

P 54

Congenital diaphragmatic hernia in an infant: Don’t miss the diagnosis!

C. Materne, N. Farhat, C. Pieltain, M.C. Seghaye

U Liège

Friday 18 March - Posterwalk 4 (P 55 - P 73) 
13:30 - 14:00

P 55

Cytolysis associated to haematological abnormalities in a neonate with a moderate form of CovId-19 infection: a case report

M. Favier, P. Perlot, N. Genis


P 56

The knowledge of child maltreatment among general practitioners and pediatricians in training: a surveyThe knowledge of child maltreatment among general practitioners and pediatricians in training: a survey

M. Jamaer, B. Aertgeerts, J. Toelen

KU Leuven

P 57

A broad survey to determine paediatric clinical trial requirements within BelgiumA broad survey to determine paediatric clinical trial requirements within Belgium

E. Degraeuwe, L. Persijn, L. Nuytinck, E. Levtchenko, N. Deconinck, E. Sokal, S. Vande Velde, O. Gilliaux, K. Logghe, A. Raes, M. Turner, J. Vande Walle

U Gent, UZ Gent, UZ Leuven, HUDERF, UCL, CHU Charleroi, University of Liverpool, AZ Roeselare

P 58

Ethical theories as Practical Tools for Clinical Practice

F. Devaux


P 59

Development of a questionnaire to assess the knowledge of midwives and pediatric nurses on maternal use of analgesics during lactation.Development of a questionnaire to assess the knowledge of midwives and pediatric nurses on maternal use of analgesics during lactation.

I. Janssens, M. van Hauwe, M. Ceulemans, K. Allegaert

KU Leuven, Erasmus UMC Rotterdam

P 60

Recurrent Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection causing hepatitis and cholestasis in a young girl.

E. Ingrid Levy, Y. Vandenplas, K. Huysentruyt, E. De Greef

CHU Saint-Pieter, VUB, UZ Brussel

P 61

An unusual rectal protrusion in a two year old girl caused by a rectal duplication cyst: Case report and literature review.

E.I. Levy, Y. Vandenplas, K. Huysentruyt, B. Hauser, C. Vercauteren, K. Vanderlinden, E. De Greef, G. Veereman, D. Vervloessem, T. Devreker

CHU Saint-Pieter, VUB, UZ Brussel, Saffier network, ZNA

P 62

Perception of transition in Inflammatory Bowel Disease patients: Point of view of the pediatric and adult care giver.

A. Forthomme, A. Bobarnac, S. Colinet, I. Paquot, P. Philippet, O. Bauraind
CHC Montlégia Liège

P 63

Syndromic tall stature associated with a novel heterozygous variant in TGFβ3

F. Elilié Mawa Ongoth, C. Heinrichs


P 64

Diagnosis and long-term outcome of GH therapy in a Belgian child with a GHGHR gene defect

S. Van de Velde, M. Craen, W. Wuyts, G. T’Sjoen, J. De Schepper

UZ Gent, UZ Antwerpen
P 65

Recurrent convulsions due to insulinoma-related hypoglycemia

M. van Weelden, I. Hoogwijs, G. van Berlaer, C. Vercauteren, K. Vanderlinden, N. Messaoudi, R. Kunda, M. Sys, I. Gies, J. Vanbesien, J. De Schepper, W. Staels

UZ Brussel

P 66

Hungry Bone Syndrome occurring after vitamin D and calcium supplementation in children with seizures on hypocalcemia with hypovitaminosis D

J. Lombard, D. Biarent, D. Michez


P 67

Everything in excess is opposed to nature, even vitamin D: a case report

E. Nauwynck, J. Vanbesien, A. Van Leynseel, J. De Schepper, I. Gies, E. De Wachter, B. Hauser, W. Staels

UZ Brussel, AZ Jan Portaels

P 68

Congenital hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia (HH) requiring treatment as the presenting feature of Kabuki syndrome

C. Legat, P. Lysy

Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc

P 69

Delayed puberty in a girl with a 46, XX gonadal dysgenesis due to a mutation in the PSMC3IP gene

I. Lounis, M.C. Seghaye, A.S. Parent, J. Fudvoye

CHU de Liège

P 70

A late diagnosis of vascular ring : Right Sided Aortic Arch with Kommerell Diverticulum and Aberrant Left Subclavian Artery in a 17 Year Old Girl

N. Farhat, J.F. Questiaux, C. Kempeneers, J.F. Vazquez-Jimenez, Q. Désiron, P.J. Bruyère, M.C. Seghaye

U Liège, CHR Verviers, University Hospital Aachen

P 71

Pulmonary embolization of a floating pedunculated tricuspid valve thrombus in a 2 ½ months old infant

I. Astadicko, C. Geurten, M.F. Dresse, M.C. Seghaye

U Liège

P 72

Atrial fibrillation in the pediatric ward: rarely a benign condition

J. Hubrechts, I. Ben Ali, C. Vô, L. Vanhoutte

Clinique Universitaire Saint-Luc

P 73

Catheter-based treatment of pulmonary embolism after pneumectomy in a child with univentricular physiology.

J. Hubrechts, I. Ben Ali, T. Sluysmans, K. Carbonez

Clinique Universitaire Saint-Luc