The Belgian Society of Pediatrics (BVK/SBP) is a scientific non-profit society with a mission. Their social aim is to promote the health of the child, to spread the scientific knowledge of the physicians and admass and to encourage the research within the field of Paediatrics. The objectives of the society do not have any commercial aim or aspect.

Scientific and organisational committee


B. Adams, A. Aeby, D. Biarent, S. Blumental, P. Bontems, G. Casimir, M. Cencig, L. Dedeken, C. De Laet, C. Fonteyne, T. Goetghebuer, M. Hainaut, C. Heinrichs, E. Lacombe, P. Lepage, N. Loumaye, M. Massin, N. Meignen, E. Rebuffat, M. Rodesch, M. Rouillé, S. Scaillet, C. Sciarrabone, P. Smeesters , S. Tenoutasse, C. Vilain, F. Vermeulen, A. Vuckovic, M. Zampieri