Dear colleagues,

The SARS-CoV2 virus continues to rock our world. Precautionary measures need to be implemented. Although an efficient vaccine can give us some hope for the future, planned activities still have to be postponed and even cancelled.

Therefore, BVK-SBP and the organizing committees have decided to organize the 49th annual meeting as a virtual congress.

Since the meeting of March 2020, hosted by ULB-Huderf, had to be canceled we decided to ‘merge’ the program and host this meeting by two organizing universities, ULB and UGent, which is unique in the 49 years history of our BVK/SBP-conference.  

With the recent experience of joining forces in the pediatric Covid-19 taskforce, we were convinced that we could compose a scientific program, over the borders of language, academic institutions and even health professions (pediatric nurses and pediatric psychologists are welcome to participate, since we also have a theme session, hosted by them).

The topic of the meeting will be ‘The changing face of pediatrics’. The cutting edge scientific program with renowned national and international speakers will address topics relevant for clinical paediatric practice, and of course Covid-related topics could not be avoided!

We also wanted to focus on the multidisciplinary approach of the chronically ill child and on patient participation and shared decision making with several patient and family testimonies.

In these special times, we decided to go for a low subscription fee, which will probably not be possible to repeat next year.

We are excited to welcome you to our first digital congress and look forward to seeing you virtually the 18th and 19th of March 2021!

On behalf of the organization

Presidents of te congress:
Prof. Dr. Pierre Smeesters (ULB/Huderf)
Prof. Dr. Sabine Van daele (UGent/UZGent)
President of BVK/SBP:
Dr. Marc Raes